i wanted to see you
couldn't make you believe it
i kind of tossed and turned last night
must have been the wind
woke and turned my thoughts to you
what's the status of your grin?
when i'm 20,000 ft high
i imagine you at play
first as a little girl,
then as the woman today
you touch me, you do -
in such a particular way.
if someone thinks that's crazy,
i'll be crazy every day.
to my dear old self,
i will start again.
free space
i awake, excited just to see your face.
you sleep on my entire existence.
what the fuck am i doing here?
lost in your city and you don't want to spend every second with me.
sometimes i miss you
what a stupid fucking thing to do
i wonder if you might miss me too.
god exists between people, homie